Carnival puppets entertain locals and visitors


Carnival characters keep popping up all over Mazatlán!

All local, national and foreign tourists can take themselves photographs with these fantastic animals and beings that start to take the streets of Mazatlan

People walking along the Malecon stop and look at these funny looking fellows…

Monigotes carnavaleros gustan a locales y visitantes(Víctor Olivas/EL DEBATE)
Monigotes carnavaleros gustan a locales y visitantes | Víctor Olivas/EL DEBATE

Mazatlan.- Carnival figures are admired by tourists and Mazatlecos alike. Allegoric creatures alluding to the American Continent have started to appear, for the amusement of locals and visitors.

Motorists who pass in front of the images take the opportunity of a selfie or a video, so as pedestrians that walk along the boardwalk.

Staff from the Department of Culture in Mazatlan, with the help of a crane, are in charge of placing the decorations on the Malecon. On Costa Del Mar the figure that represents the country of Costa Rica, was placed with the legend “Pura Vida” a common expression in that country.

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