Foreigners who want to move to Merida Yucatan will be tested for 6 months before being admitted


“It is a precaution to ensure the quality of life in Yucatan,” said the person in charge of Migration of Yucatan

Mérida, Yucatán.- As part of the changes that will bring with it next year 2020, the Ministry of Public Security has announced that foreigners wishing to change their place of residence – whatever it may be – to the state of Yucatan, must undergo a 6-month or 180-day test (whichever comes first), where they must demonstrate that they are eligible citizens to reside in our state.

“Surely there will be people who do not meet the requirements and will be deported back to their place of origin,” added a man who was in government uniform.

Among the tests to which the applicants for residence in Yucatan will be submitted, the following stand out:

  • During the trial period, they should eat beans with pork every Monday without exception.
  • Also have breakfast of cochinita with Coca light every Sunday.
  • They will not be able to use the directional when driving
  • They may not assault, hit or rob any Yucatan resident
  • (changing words such as “pan” (bread) to “pam”), or pronouncing the “h” as “j,” the “x” as “sh,” and more.
  • They must break a piñata without a stick, only with punches
  • If your ever at an appointment on time, you will be immediately expelled from Yucatan

Among others…

Once they complete the probationary period, new residents will be able to use public areas of the state without any restrictions. 

For his part, Governor Mau Vila said that these measures will guarantee the position of Mérida as the safest city in Mexico, and will continue the tourist growth with which the ports of the peninsula can be improved. And it is expected that in a period of maximum two years, Yucatan will be a destination for young people who enjoy the “Spring break” as they currently do on the beaches of Quintana Roo. 

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