Bolivian police demand that the Mexican embassy hand over former officials


The departmental commander of the La Paz police, William Cordero, said that the Mexican representation should collaborate on it since the people involved must ‘respond to justice.’

The  Bolivian police demanded on Tuesday the delivery of “refugees” at the Mexican embassy in that country, since “they have to respond to justice”.

The departmental commander of the  La Paz police, William Cordero, said that his elements do not harass the former officials of the deposed president Evo Morales or the Mexican diplomatic officials.

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“Rather they (the Mexican officials) should collaborate with the Bolivian justice and hand over the people who take refuge inside the diplomatic legation,” he told the  Bolivian Information Agency (ABI).

The position of the police chief follows the public protest of the Mexican Foreign Ministry for the excessive vigilance of its facilities and even attempts to review the vehicle in which the Mexican ambassador María Teresa Mercado was transported.

In the Mexican diplomatic headquarters, there are nine government officials headed by  Evo Morales until November 10, when he resigned in order to avoid bloodshed after protests over the results that gave him the victory in the presidential elections last month.

Of the group that entered the Mexican diplomatic offices, the main center of interest is  Juan Ramón Quintana, who occupied the Ministry of Government when Morales left.

Like other former officials, he is accused of sedition and terrorism for allegedly instigating and financing protests in favor of the ex-president.

Prosecutor  Zartina Guardia said on November 26 that four former officials of the Ministry of the Presidency had already given a statement and provided indictment, so he released an order of urgency for Quintana’s presentation.

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However, the  Mexican Foreign Ministry recalled on the eve the inviolability of the facilities of its representations according to the  Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

According to article 22 of that instrument: “The premises of the mission are inviolable. The agents of the receiving State may not enter them without the consent of the head of the mission. ”

It is also established that “the receiving State has a special obligation to take all appropriate measures to protect the premises of the mission against any intrusion or damage and avoid disturbing the tranquility of the mission or violating its dignity.”

And finally that “the premises of the mission, its furniture and other goods located therein, as well as the means of transport of the mission, may not be subject to any registration, requisition, seizure or execution measure”.

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But Cordero insisted that “we as Police are fulfilling the constitutional mission, abiding by and enforcing the laws, in this case, there are compelling injunctions that we must give faithful compliance to put them before the Public Ministry.”

He cited among former refugees in addition to Quintana the former Minister of Defense,  Javier Zavaleta; to Justice,  Héctor Arce; de Culturas,  Wilma Alanoca, as well as other former public servants of the Morales government.

All are involved in acts of sedition and terrorism, which are known to Mexican diplomatic officials “so they should collaborate and deliver these people to submit to justice like any other Bolivian.”

He warned that his elements “will remain in the vicinity of the embassy,” which does not mean harassment or violation of Mexico’s diplomatic immunity in Bolivia. “

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