Mazatlan Pino Suárez market changes service hours due to holidays


Alejandro Ontiveros, secretary of the Union of Tenants said that sales have risen quite a bit and will take advantage of closing shops until 7:00 p.m.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The José María Pino Suárez municipal market in Mazatlan looks more alive due to the large influx of tourists and locals who come to the site to do their shopping for Christmas Eve evening, which has allowed to achieve eighty percent in the sales increase, Alejandro Ontiveros Aramburo reported.

The secretary of the Union of Tenants of the place said that although all the turns they handle have a good economic spill, it is the butchers, pollerias, cremerías and greengrocers that maintain a good level of consumption and estimate that this Monday and Tuesday will be achieved One hundred percent sales.

“Because of the comments made by our butcher’s companions, their sales are around eighty percent, but yes, as of tomorrow, good sales are coming for them”

“The local consumer is looking for meat products such as the leg, all the ingredients to prepare often, to prepare roasted meat.”

He explained that for the convenience of people, during these days from this Sunday and until Tuesday, the opening hours were modified until 7:00 p.m., possibly with an extension of one or two hours if authorized by the municipality, to that people who have forgotten to buy some ingredient for their dinner, get it without problems.

He pointed out that there is a proposal to implement the same extension of the schedule next weekend so that the Mazatlecos take advantage of completing the recipes of the New Year’s dinner, which would influence so that the tenants manage to close with enough bonanza in 2019 and start the same It forms 2020, since they estimate that the sales rebound will continue until January 6.

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