El Chapo son confrontation information to be kept secret for 5 years


Army says that the dissemination of information can cause organized crime “that operates throughout the country” to emulate the events in Culiacán

The Army intends to prevent other organized crime groups from seeking to emulate what happened in Culiacán, when after an operation for his capture, he had to free Ovidio Guzmán, son of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, on October 17 and that is why reserved the informational parts for five years.

In response to a request for information delivered to MILENIO by the General Staff of the National Defense, the information reserve is based on the fact that the “real presence” of the Sinaloa cartel, its organizational capacity, and fire with what it achieved was demonstrated create fear in the population and “pressured the federal government to cease the actions they were taking against them.”

In addition, he said that the dissemination of this information can cause organized crime “operating throughout the country” to estimate the strength and capabilities of the Army to try to emulate in other cities the events in Culiacán.

“Upon dissemination of the requested information, members of organized crime operating throughout the country would be in a position to estimate our troops and capabilities to try to emulate the acts in Culiacán, in the different entities of the country in which they have a presence, with the purpose of forcing the Mexican Army to employ and wear down the military personnel, causing the neglect of the priority areas of the country and the fulfillment of the general missions of the Army, ”he explained.

In response to the request for information 0000700314719, the Ministry of National Defense said that the disclosure of the informational parties “can compromise national security and public safety, subtracting the effectiveness of activities carried out against organized crime to help with the federal government in the pacification of the country ”.

He remarked that the criminals intentionally carried out the taking of hostages and carried out simultaneous attacks in different parts of the state using violent means such as heavy caliber firearms.

Source: milenio

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