AMLO guarantees solution to toxic spill in Sonora River


 “We are going to address the problem in a comprehensive manner,” President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported regarding the harmful effects on the population due to the toxic spill in the Sonora River, caused by the Mexico Group, Mexico reports.

At the end of the intervention of Jorge Alcocer and Víctor Manuel Toledo, Secretaries of Health and Environment, respectively, who gave the diagnosis of the contamination of said river, the president said that continuity will be given to the solution of the needs presented by the population of that region, both in health and environmental matters.

“Attend the health of the people, that they receive medical attention and that the Ures hospital is in a position to serve the population,” he said, noting that they will give priority to this item.

He criticized that “despite being a felt demand from the people”, the sanitary problem that generated the toxic spill in that tributary has not been duly addressed.

“Nothing is going to remain in the diagnosis of the problem, but we will be acting,” he concluded.

Source: notimex

The Mazatlan Post