Diocese of Mazatlan agrees that the secular state should disappear


Bishop Mario Espinosa Contreras rated the proposal as positive

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- After the Senator of Morena, Soledad Luévano Cantú, presented an initiative that seeks to modify the Law of Religious Associations and Public Worship that would allow collaboration between the State and the church, the Bishop of Mazatlan , Mario Espinosa Contreras, spoke in favor of the separation of the famous secular State.

The Bishop of the Diocese of Mazatlan declared to Reaction Informative that the initiative of the legislator has positive, valid and favorable things, also they go along the line of the freedom of the life of the institutions and of the people, but he said that what does not It would be favorable if the state censured ministers and pastors.

“Naturally we want separation, but with respect and also with collaboration when it is convenient to help with the dignity and justice of human lives.”

Espinosa Contreras said that they are always in collaboration with the government contributing to public health issues, in awareness campaigns to eradicate any type of violence, and also commented that there have always been links with the state but as long as they are not issues of policy, he argued that they are currently inviting people to participate in the INEGI population census, it is where they can collaborate.

Source: reaccion informativa

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