Churipo: Purépecha flavored Soup


Its name of Purépecha origin “churhípu” soup that is cooked with beef. Currently known as Churipo.

It was a special dish that was prepared in the Purépecha festivities hence its name “churipo”.

It is an exquisite traditional Michoacan dish, its elaboration is based on beef or pork, with red chili caldillo and vegetables.

Another dish typical of the region is served with corks of ash.

The first preparations of this dish were in the revolutionary era, it was  José María Morelos y Pavón who offered this dish at a thank you meal.

Currently the preparations can be with various meats: beef, pork, venison, tlacuache and chicken.

And if you fancy it, we share the recipe, on those rainy afternoon they will enjoy it as a family.


1 kilo of beef for cooking (pork, chicken or your reference)

4 bones for broth

5 wide peppers

3 guajillo peppers





Corn cob




Some coriander

The meat with the bones, garlic, onion, cilantro and salt is boiled with enough water to taste.

Chiles are unraveled and put to soak, once ready it is ground with a little garlic, onion.

When the meat is already a little soft, all the vegetables are integrated as well as the already ground chili.

Once the broth is well seasoned, the meat and vegetables are well cooked, it is served accompanied by rounds, this is to taste.

And for demanding palates they can be accompanied with a spicy sauce.


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