First stingrays; now jellyfish affect tourist in Mazatlan


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- It was not the stingrays or that this day affected tourists on Mazatlan beaches, but now they are the “Jellyfish”.

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According to the information, elements of the tourist police helped a woman from the State of Chihuahua to be injured on one of her feet.
Although it is not the season of those species similar to jellyfish, it was during the afternoon when the emergency occurred in a spa located in front of the boardwalk.

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The group of visitors bathed in the sea when suddenly she felt something hit her foot and then the burning.

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The municipal agent gave her first aid while paramedics arrived from the Cruz Oja, who later transferred her to those facilities.
The previous two weeks, it was the stingrays that affected at least ten visitors

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