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After 8 days in prison, Don Ramón regains his freedom


The man accused of killing the alleged kidnapper of his son will continue the process against him at home

Ramón Merino, who was arrested on December 8 for killing an alleged kidnapper of his son, regained his freedom on December 16 after a judge in Orizaba, Veracruz, reduced the charge to manslaughter.

According to family and friends, Don Ramón – well known in social networks – will continue his process from home. The judge varied the precautionary measure to house arrest and will not return to the medium-security prison in Amatlán de Los Reyes, where he remained 8 days deprived of his freedom.

For friends, Don Ramón, is the first inhabitant of Acultzingo who challenged with his shotgun the criminal cell that sows terror in the High Mountains

On this fact, the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) reported that the 62-year-old man was linked to the process, however, only for the crime of manslaughter, which does not merit informal preventive detention.

“Originally, the Prosecutor’s Office had provided the evidence to request their connection for the crime of murder, and during the hearing, the Judge decided to change the charge to manslaughter,” the agency said.

The judge set a period of 3 months as a complementary investigation period, “while a variation was also approved in the precautionary measure, and it was decided to grant house arrest due to the exception provided for in paragraph 166 of the National Code of Criminal Procedures. “

With shouts of ” SI SE PUDO,” Ramón Merino was received outside the courtrooms of Orizaba. Family and friends there waited for him with banners that demanded the authorities his freedom.

The Ramón Merino case went viral on social networks under the hashtag # LiberenADonRamón, in addition, acquaintances of the accused blocked roads and avenues in the area of ​​Las Altas Mountains in protest.

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