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Mazatlan: Neighbors of Montuosa protest for the release of Pulmonia driver arrested

The pulmonia driver was implicated in a robbery at a convenience store despite testimonies that were declared in his favor

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Residents of the Parada Street in the Montuosa neighborhood demonstrated and asked the authorities to release Ramón Enrique N. the pulmonia driver who was arrested on May 19 at the Playa Azul subdivision, where he was allegedly arrested. He was implicated in a robbery at a convenience store.

The complaint.

The neighbors comment that the alleged thief or the person who was involved in the robbery said that Ramón Enrique had nothing to do with the matter but even so the judge ordered that he be locked up for four months in order to follow up the case.

We met here because it was an injustice what they did to our neighbor, he has lived all his life in this street and has never been known to have stolen a pen, he is sick, he suffers from the pressure and is entering a moment of depression when being locked up and not being able to help his family for something he did not commit, the protesters said. 

They also added that the leader of the Cooperative of Pneumonia José Ceballos, not done anything for Ramón to go free, that he has simply abandoned the case, while the driver is behind bars. 

Signatures accumulated by neighbors.

We do not know anything, we as friends and neighbors are putting our money to pay a lawyer and also help us to get Ramón out of jail, the lawyer of the cooperative spoke with him and told him to throw the I blame him for saying that if he was involved in the robbery and that he would be booked but set free, a friend of the detainee added. 

The resident’s comment that if his innocence is proven why do they do not release him, adding that they would go to the state government to speak with Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel to solve this and if he does not do anything they would go directly to the president of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The request.

“We are going to gather signatures and have a letter, to see who can help us, it is costing us a lot every Tuesday and Saturday to take the food, because we do not have support from the police authorities at all and because of the few savings we have, we are all helping this poor man who, without having to fear or fear he, is paying for something he did not do, “the neighbors said. 

They also commented that what they need is financial support, for the pulmonia driver and his family, because he is the head of the household.

Source: el debate

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