Mazatlan organic market continues to grow with more products


Producers of Mazatlan, Concordia, San Ignacio, and Durango, are part of the MOM that is installed in Plazuela Zaragoza

With a 60% increase in sales, producers in the municipalities of Mazatlan, Concordia, San Ignacio and even the state of Durango, do not stop betting on the commercialization of organic products.

Ángel Ceballos, deputy manager of the Organic Market of Mazatlan, commented that the increase in the consumption of this type of products has been registered in the passage of nine years, after operating as of 2011.

Remember that at that time, the commercial premises located in the Ignacio Zaragoza park began with seven tenants, an amount that has multiplied to 31 today.

The MOM, she says, opens its doors from 8 in the morning to 12 in the afternoon, in a period of almost 6 months, from November to April, at which time the climate lends itself to the conservation of the products that are sold there.

Recognizes that the consumption recorded in each season is made by the foreign public; precisely, she says, it is Canadians and Americans who take 75% of sales, while the rest is done by the local public.

Actually, the main consumer of the organic product is the foreigner, because we still cannot get the locals to come and consume what is sold here

 Ángel Ceballos

The small percentage of Mazatlecos and Mexican tourists who turn to organic, she says, do so because they are interested in their health, which will later become a habit.

She said the demand is because what is sold in the Organic Market is completely natural, free of pesticides or chemicals, fertilizers, as healthy as possible for people.

Also, she says, many of the people come to the MOM to spend a pleasant Saturday morning, in which in addition to shopping, they take advantage of the time to have breakfast or have a coffee.

As a plus to attract more consumer audiences, she said, they carry out activities that are attractive to customers, such as conducting outdoor cooking classes.


60% increases in sales have been reported by the Organic Market since they began work in 2011.

31 merchants sell their products.

75% of purchases are made by expats.


Producers from the municipalities of Mazatlan, Concordia, San Ignacio and even from the state of Durango participate.

The Organic Market of Mazatlan opens its doors every Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., from November to April.

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