National Guard will arrive in San Felipe, Mexicali to combat totoaba poachers


More elements of the national guard will arrive at the Port of San Felipe in Mexicali, this, after the confrontations that were presented between the national guard and poachers from the port of San Felipe in Mexicali, the governor has instructed to reinforce the dialogue and presence from the state government to calm down and listen to the parties involved. This was stated by the general secretary of government, Amador Rodríguez Lozano.

Resultado de imagen para totoaba masacre

_ “There the governor has requested that the negotiation work be reinforced, that the presence of the state government be reinforced and that there be also a greater presence of both naval authorities, because they are the ones with jurisdiction and soon there will be a presence of the national guard present there. ”_

Resultado de imagen para totoaba

Source: cadenanoticias

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