Mazatlan is rated safe and growing


MAZATLÁN Sinaloa.- This port city is a safe tourist destination, with clear signs of progress and economic growth, tourists and expats who are in this city stand out.

For José Antonio Parra Molina, president of the Mexican Council of the Society for International Studies, the development of the city is evident, especially in terms of tourism infrastructure.

“I see it very well, as a tourist city of progress. It is advancing a lot; I’ve been here several times and it’s getting better every time. The growth that Mazatlan has had is important because mainly in the tourism industry, the industry without chimneys is the most important in Mexico and Mazatlan has to push this issue because it has a good climate, a good beach, and better people, ”he said.

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For his part, Eduardo Gómez del Campo Díaz Barreiro, secretary of Public Relations of the Association of Counselors, Attachments and Accredited Police and Security Links in Mexico, applauded the relaunch that Mazatlan is having as a destination.

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“I am very happy that they are doing a relaunch from the tourist point of view, which is the most noble industry, and also the one that immediately reports benefits. Here the public security situation is under control. The sea is not contaminated and the people are very warm, very perceptive. What I like most about Mazatlan is the food, which is world-famous for varied and exquisite, ”he said.

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