Tourist will be charged admission to Balandra, in La Paz Baja California Sur


The payment would be destined mainly to tourists looking to enter Balandra Beach, in the capital of Baja California Sur

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS). The coordinator of the Niparajá Marine Conservation Program, Miguel Palomeros Rodríguez, pointed out as positive the charge that could be implemented in the natural protected area of Balandra; The payment of an access tax is something that has to be done, he said. 

“The proposal is for tourists to pay the tax, and not residents, infants, senior citizens,” he said about it in an interview for El Sudcaliforniano

In this regard, he pointed out that, in the Federal Law of Rights, in its article 198, it establishes that for the use or exploitation of the marine and insular natural elements subject to the public domain of the Federation, a payment of rights must be made according to the quotas contemplated; In this case, access to Balandra beach would have a general cost per person per day of 35 pesos. 

The charge would be similar to what is currently paid to enter the Sierra de la Laguna or Cabo Pulmo, the same tax that is in all protected areas of Mexico, so, in his opinion, it should start on the beach of the municipality of La Paz, especially aimed at tourists. 

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However, Palomeros Rodríguez added that there should be exceptions to the rule, such as residents, people from the secretariats of Tourism, infants and older adults. 

Finally, regarding the environment of the Balandra beach, the Coordinator pointed out that there is chaos caused by the presence of vendors and the poor conditions of the bathrooms, a situation that requires immediate attention. 

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“If they announce that there will be a charge for access to the beach, which would be good, it would be to know the whole idea since it is not known if what is going to be charged is the federal tax or a different charge; this is going to be for use of the parking lot, use of the facilities, that is what is not very clear, ”he said. 

Source: El Sudcaliforniano, bcsnoticias

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