Father accused of killing his son’s kidnapper given prison term



The judge set a year of pretrial detention for the retired military officer who allegedly murdered his son’s alleged kidnapper in Acultingo, Veracruz

Veracruz .- Ramón “N”, a former military officer accused of killing the alleged kidnapper of his son in the municipality of Acultingo, Veracruz, will spend a year in preventive detention as a precautionary measure; This was set by a judge in Orizaba.

Last Sunday, December 8, Don Ramón, 66, allegedly murdered an individual identified as Genaro “N” , who allegedly kidnapped his son.

Despite the mobilizations and protests made by the citizens to release Ramón “N”, and that the case has become a trend in social networks, the man will spend a year in preventive detention for homicide.

In this country the thief, the kidnapper is still being defended, freeing murderers and rapists. And the honest citizens who take care of us? Nobody. But we defend ourselves and we are the criminals.

The hashtag #LiberenADonRamon has even become a trend on Twitter, with which the users of the social network join the demands of the residents and support the actions of the man, who decided to defend himself to avoid being a victim of crime.

The defendant’s detention was legalized under criminal case 219/2019.

According to local media, the events occurred on Sunday night in the immediate vicinity of the community of Tecamalucan, municipality of Acultzingo, when his son warned by telephone that he was being chased by two subjects aboard a van.

The ex-military went out and confronted the suspects, who had begun firing, but he repelled the attack and allegedly killed one of them, while the accomplices escaped.

Subsequently, state police elements arrived at the scene and arrested Ramón for having killed one of the alleged kidnappers, who was identified as Genaro “N”.

Ramón “N” was placed at the disposal of the Judge, to whom he related the facts and assured that he acted in self-defense because one year ago one of his daughters was a victim of the same criminals, among whom Genaro was supposed, with residence in the Veracruz municipality of Nogales.


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