PROFECO: Consumer Complaints & Rights agency in Mexico


When Things Didn’t Work Out

Although far and away most visitors to Mexico leave with no regrets, occasionally there will be complaints with service providers. Consumer complaints are taken seriously.

If you’ve experienced an egregious situation, feel you’ve been treated unfairly, or that you’ve lost money to fraud or business dishonesty, you may want to contact PROFECO.

The Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor, literally the Consumers’ Federal Prosecutor, is charged with enforcing standing law and investigating violations. The prosecutor’s office will respond from international visitors’ concerns exactly as they will from citizens and residents of the city. They also perform random inspections and have the authority to fine or close businesses. They also make public lists of complaints and the worst offenders.


Common Consumer Complaints

These are the most common infractions PROFECO investigates, though clearly it’s not all they hear about.

  • Food & Beverage establishments are not allowed to add gratuity charges to a check nor to include gratuities in the price.
  • All stores and restaurants must list prices publicly and stick to them. Prices need to be in Mexican pesos.
  • Those prices need to include charges taxes, commission, interest or insurance. They can’t be omitted.
  • Minimum purchases to hold a table in a restaurant or bar are illegal and can’t be enforced.
  •  Prices that are posted need to be honored and can’t be changed at the point of purchase.
  • Discrimination based on nationality, gender, race, or disability is illegal everywhere.
  • Gas stations are among the most commonly reported, for cases of credit card fraud, not resetting pumps, jury-rigged pumps, and even for short-changing.

Contacting PROFECO is easy, and encouraged by those working at PROFECO.

Remember that even if your personal case can’t be justly resolved (although it may very well be resolved), by reporting it, you’ll very likely reduce the same injustice from being repeated.


Phone: 5568 8722 or 01 800 468 8722

Email: [email protected]


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