‘Kissathon’ to be held in Merida Museum causes controversy


The action arose in response to the controversy caused when a couple of men were subject to discrimination by the staff of that museum.

Strong controversy has generated the call for an event called “Besatón”, which will be held this Saturday at the Regional Museum Canton Palace of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).

The “Besatón”, is organized by the Collective for the Protection of All Families in Yucatan and several other activists, who through their Facebook pages, are inviting heterosexual and homosexual couples to participate.

This action arose in response to the controversy caused when a couple of men were subjected to discrimination by the staff of that museum when they tried to take a picture on the stairs of the enclosure while kissing.

The protagonists, Paolo and Alán, complained about the fact through their social networks, the complaint went viral and generated strong criticism and rejection of the LGTB + community.

The idea is that couples kiss on the same stairs where the act of discrimination happened, which the INAH Museum itself later apologized in a statement.

The activist and organizer of the event, Alex Orué, said on the page of the Collective for Protection and in local media that it is a completely peaceful act and even all families who want to attend are invited.

However, after the announcement, there have also been criticisms and expressions of hatred against social networks against the “Besatón”, scheduled for 4:00 pm on Saturday (one hour before the Museum closes) in the iconic located in 43rd Street, on Paseo de Montejo.

Many users who support this event, have made screenshots with the messages of hate and discrimination towards the “Besatón”, and some of the authors have no problem in being pointed out and recognizing their authorship.

Within that framework, just a few days ago, the Human Rights Commission of the State of Yucatan issued a statement calling on the Yucatecans to curb the messages of hate and discrimination on social networks.

Likewise, he asked the authorities to take care of the integrity of the Yucatecan activists and groups that usually express themselves for the human rights of women and other issues such as the legalization of equal marriage in this entity.

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