Mazatlan clowns invite you to celebrate their day


* They want to hold a congress in the port
* They try to solve their problems

The National Clown Day will be celebrated on December 10; Mazatlan United Clowns, an Association consisting of 20 characters will seek to obtain work benefits because the clown profession does not have these advantages.

The Clown SpaguetyJr. Group coordinator said they will work to obtain insurance.

“Passing the Day of the Clown, we will begin with many meetings to solve the problems that overwhelm us, such as seeing Social Security, plans for the future that when one of us becomes ill we have a livelihood as well as a funeral plan”, commented.

The Association will also seek to bring a clown congress to Mazatlan to make it an important event like any other.
“We are talking about that, to bring a congress, if it is not held next year it will be by 2021,” he said.

They stressed that despite being in a different era, people still belittle the clown profession since to be one of them you need to study and a lot of preparation.

“Really being a clown is not easy, there is a whole preparation, courses, competitions, schools, learn to put on makeup, dance, juggle and even sing and perform magic. The clown is a complete package, it motivates us a lot to make people laugh and make them spend a pleasant moment and so forget their problems for a moment, ”he said.

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