Emergency situation declared in Durango due to heavy rains


The National Civil Protection Coordination (CNPC) issued an emergency declaration due to the heavy rains recorded in the Mexican state of Durango, that has caused floodings in six municipalities of the state, including the region known as Las Quebradas.

The head of the State Civil Protection coordination, Guillermo Pacheco Valenzuela, informed that the necessary procedures are already being carried out, and support from the National Natural Disaster Fund is already on its way.

Pacheco Valenzuela explained that the emergency declaration is in effect for the municipalities of Tamazula, Topia, Canelas, Pueblo Nuevo, Otáez and Tepehuanes, which suffered the effects of the second winter storm and cold front 19, which have caused heavy rains and floodings in the region.

CEPC Durango

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