Snowbirds leaving their country and heading to Mexico


Visitors “stay” in the country from November to April “

Mazatlan Sinaloa.- Up to 10 mobile homes, most of them from Canada, register the Green Angels staff as they pass through Sinaloa.

Ricardo Picos Quintero, head of the grouping of services to road users, recognized the number of foreign tourists which is little compared to 2018, where there was a traffic of at least 20 RVs per day.

They are already passing a little more the mobile homes, yesterday they saw about 2, 3 vehicles, but the day avarage is like 10

Quintero Peaks

Although most of the visitors are Canadians, he said, tourists from the United States also arrive to the country on board such vehicles.

Picos Quintero, he said, most of these foreigners leave their country of origin at this time of year because of the heavy snowfall that occurs there.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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