Officials open an official investigation against # LordCafe in Jalisco


“The @FiscaliaJal has already identified the case for follow-up and in @IgualdadJalisco with the @ElenaGarca team, we are already in contact with the victim following up”: Fela Patricia Pelayo.

Jalisco government sources confirmed to this media that the Prosecutor’s Office of that state opened  an investigation folder  against the subject identified in social networks such as # LordCafé, who as observed in a video that went viral on social networks,  kicked the car of a woman and poured coffee on his face, which caused outrage on Twitter and Facebook.

In this regard,  Fela Patricia Pelayo López, secretary of Substantive Equality between Women and Men of the Jalisco government, indicated that the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office has already identified him, although he did not reveal his name:

The aggression of the man who threw his glass of coffee and kicked multiple times a woman’s car, with which he had had a vehicular accident in the streets of Jalisco, caused multiple comments on social networks.

In the material that circulates, recorded by the victim of the aggression, the face of the man is observed, who in the end retires in his vehicle.

“Let’s see, I’m going to talk to the insurance, they will fix it,” the young woman tries to persuade her, to which the subject responds by accusing her of causing the collision, however, she revives accident, pointing out that she had to maneuver to avoid impact with a truck

Although the woman apologizes several times with the subject, he is not satisfied and throws a cup of hot coffee at her

After knowing the facts, circulated a statement of “Restaurants la Gorda”, allegedly linked to this subject:

#LordCafe apologizes for violent behavior

The man sent a letter to the person whom he attacked with hot coffee

After a video where a man acts aggressively against a woman after a clash in Guadalajara and being baptized as #Lordcafe became viral, the identity of the violent man, who is the director of the La Gorda restaurant in Zapopan, was announced.

After becoming popular the image where this subject throws hot coffee to the driver, social network users even tried to boycott the restaurant La Gorda, who issued a message in which he reported that he demarcated the actions of one of his “collaborators”.

Pero el día de hoy se difundió una carta, aparentemente escrita por el agresor a la conductora que agredió; en la que asegura sentirse muy arrepentido y que debido a estos actos su trabajo y familia se han visto afectados, por lo que pide disculpas.

He also stated that he is in the best disposition to fix the problem with the driver and with the authorities and that he will seek help to make changes in his person.

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