50 million Americans will take a road trip of more than 50 miles this Thanksgiving (AAA)


Each Thanksgiving season, stories abound on travel. It isn’t actually anywhere near the top air travel period, in spite of the stories, but there is a fair bit of long distance road travel compared to other periods outside the summer.

Regardless of whether Thanksgiving is the peak, there is a peak, and people have asked, “How could electric vehicles get enough charging to handle tons of people all taking a long road trip at once?” They also ask this question for things like evacuations.

AAA reports that around 50 million will take a road trip of more than 50 miles this holiday, though because it’s family travel, that means not nearly so many cars.

And many Americans are making this trip on modern electric cars with over 200 miles of range, the more important question involves how many are taking a trip of more than that distance, thus requiring charging along the way just to get there, plus possibly a bit more at the destination