The number of young people with HIV in Mazatlan increases


* Urge prevention
* Stigmas continue

As part of the celebration of World AIDS Day this December 1st, the Association Sharing Challenges presented the program of workshops and conferences.

These events aim to encourage the culture of prevention on HIV and AIDS because the number of people with HIV in Mazatlan is increasing, “3 thousand 600 cases detected around 700 are female , ” so
what reported Deysi del Carmen Balam, president of the association.

“With all these talks we want to create prevention strategies and offer information for people who already have HIV do not think they are in obscurantism,” he said.

For his part, the doctor, Héctor Manuel Ibarra emphasized that there are still stigmas in medical institutions and will seek the optimal integration of sick people so that they are not labeled.

“The stigmas of this disease are still going on, you go to a hospital and the diagnosis is given in code so that the person next to us is not bothered, the obscurantism still follows,” he said.

Doctors, psychologists and social workers, experts in the field from different medical institutions, will be responsible for carrying out the talks and giving the corresponding information.

As part of the activities, a debate will be held with Naval Hospital, Military Hospital, IMSS, ISSSTE AND CAPASITS, as well as a theater play entitled “Total Dark” that will be approached in a way that will take place at 6 pm playful disease.

The Association Sharing Challenges made an attentive invitation to citizens to have a rapid HIV test and urged young people to always use condoms, this with the purpose of promoting a culture of prevention to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

“As part of the program, on Sunday, December 1, we will be from 12 to 3 in the afternoon in Plazuela República performing rapid HIV tests,” he said.

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