Due to AMLO budget cuts, the Federal Telecommunications Institute will cancel projects for 2020 in Mexico


Although the approval of the budget of expenditures for 2020 was scheduled for no later than November 15, the taking of the Chamber of Deputies by peasant organizations postponed the corresponding session over and over again. After having moved the session out of San Lazaro, deputies have finally approved the expenditure budget.

Not everyone is happy. The Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) has issued a statement in which it says it will have to ” cancel or postpone ” projects scheduled for 2020. The decentralized agency responsible for telecommunications in the country claims to have proposed a budget with 50 million pesos to the low, compared to the requested in 2019, but the legislature has cut another 188 million pesos.

In total, the IFT budget for 2020 will be 1,541.24 million pesos

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It is important to note that the IFT has contributed to the collection of public revenues of the Federal Government with 106 billion pesos; while the cost of operation of the Institute has been one tenth of what is generated, a fact that is recognized in the own opinion of the Budget Committee.


The Federal Telecommunications Institute ensures that the austerity criteria are met, which is why the proposed budget was lower than last year. With the cut, it now ensures that it must have a “thorough analysis” process to determine which projects will not be carried out in 2020.

The entire economic package, including the budget of expenditures, must be promulgated by the president of the republic.

Source: xataka.com.mx

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