Mexican manufactures biodiesel cheaper than Pemex and does not pollute


At 28, this young Mexican became the first producer and marketer of biodiesel in Puebla.

Moisés Flores is a mechatronics engineer from the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla  (BUAP) and in three years he has created the first biodiesel production and marketing plant. Due to the increase in the price of gasoline, alternative fuels have gained strength.

The biofuel it produces is based on the oil discarded by restaurants and frying shops, and uses the transesterification method that consists of separating glycerol from oils to replace it with alcohol by means of a catalyst and converting it into hydrocarbon.

Moisés produces around 10,000 liters of biofuel a day, of which it sells seven thousand liters, quantities that to have started a few years ago already represent competition for companies such as PEMEX.

Moisés Flores was given the task of investigating the processes to create biofuel and in a self-taught way, with a pair of water tanks, he created his first reactor with which he produced 400 liters and began selling fuel.

After a while he built another machine with which he generated 1,500 liters and now, thanks to credits and private investments, he has a machinery of Solben line of national manufacture, created by the chemical engineer Daniel Gómez Íñiguez with which he produces 10 thousand liters daily

Moisés explains that the process of converting vegetable oil into fuel takes about 8 hours, in which you should always be aware of the reactors, since there could be some inconvenience that the biodiesel site generates soap.

This biodiesel costs cheaper than that sold by PEMEX or other gas stations, in addition to not polluting. Moisés buys a liter of vegetable oil at 10.70 pesos and sells it at 15.24 pesos with VAT included, compared to PEMEX that sells it for almost 20 pesos a liter.

Currently, Moisés’ company, Smart Recycling, has a client portfolio of 30 companies and individuals that handle fleet of diesel trucks.


The Mazatlan Post