Canadian company leaves 4,000 Sonoran without a job


The Sonora government said that the departure of the Canadian subsidiary is due to the economic outlook that exists in the country, so they will offer support to people who will be left without employment, with job fairs

In January, more than 4,000 Sonora will be unemployed. The reason: the Canadian company Gildan Activewear will change its production processes in maquiladoras to Honduras.

It was the leader of the Export Maquiladora and Manufacturing Industry (Index), Gerardo Vázquez Falcón, who notified about the job losses for the manufacturing sector, and regretted the lack of competitiveness at the state and national levels.

It will be 2,000 direct jobs and another 2,000 indirect ones that will be lost to the citizens of Hermosillo and Agua Prieta, where two of its plants are located in Latin America.

This Canadian company, with its subsidiaries Cactex is dedicated to the textile industry, where its employees produce sportswear.

Just last year, in 2018, in full discussion of the new Free Trade Agreement, the company had announced new hires for these two plants, with the hiring of a thousand more people in Sonora.

However, since 2017, Gildan has moved its factory in Honduras, where 60% of its production, and also produce garments for companies Under Armor and New Balance

“We are going to support the workers, we are going to offer job fairs,” said Horacio Valenzuela, Secretary of Labor.

It should be noted that the plant located in Hermosillo presented constant strikes and protests by workers, who denounced the lack of payment of benefits or sometimes wages.

It will be in January 2020 when the company stops operating in Sonora.

Source: la silla rota

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