Mazatlan businesses will be inspected for waste management starting in 2020


They will create a universal registry of urban waste for industry and businesses in the city

Mazatlan Sinaloa.- Starting next year, the City Council of Mazatlan will promote a universal registry of urban waste, so that all companies and businesses in the city report the final destination of their garbage or show that they paid their urban cleaning contract, with which is intended to regularize the problem of garbage accumulation in public places.

The director of municipal Ecology, Lourdes San Juan Gallardo, informed that in three months of supervisory operation, 60% of the businesses visited by inspectors of Ecology, Official Office, Urban Cleanliness and CAPTA were fined.

The main commercial routes of the port were inspected, among them the Malecon, the Ejército Mexicano avenue, Insurgentes and Rafael Buelna.

She pointed out that in the first week of the operation 60 businesses were sanctioned, the second around 50 and in the last week the fined businesses totaled 12, the week that presented the lowest record was 7 infractions.

With this universal registry of urban waste that will be free, we will realize where the tires, televisions and refrigerators that we see them in avenues, streets and public places, and also if they are special, normal or hazardous waste.

Lourdes San Juan

Lourdes San Juan said that the proposal of an ecological patrol that travels the commercial routes, where elements of Municipal Public Security could participate, with previous training on the ecology regulation is also analyzed.

“We need trained personnel, we have to educate them that these are also a violation and part of policing and good governance side,” she said.


Up to 60 infractions per week were applied during the commercial route supervision operation, to regularize the collection of garbage.

The inspection operation was carried out for 3 months with elements of Ecology, Senior Officials, Urban Cleanliness and CAPTA.

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