Mexico enters the ‘top ten’ of the most attractive countries to invest


Despite the negative forecast on the global environment, it is one of the most attractive countries, according to a PwC study.

Despite the negative forecast of the global environment, Mexico is one of the most attractive countries for productive investment, according to the CEO Survey, prepared by PwC.

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“In the perceptions of foreign investors place our country within the top 10 of investment destinations, specifically in the ninth position globally,” says the survey.

For US investors, Mexico ranks fourth after China, the United Kingdom and Germany.

One factor that may benefit Mexico in the international environment is the trade war between the United States and China.

“If an agreement between the two powers is not reached, Mexico could emerge strengthened from this situation and become a commercial partner with greater impact for both countries.”, Said Mauricio Hurtado de Mendoza, Managing Partner of PwC Mexico.

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Talent and artificial intelligence

According to the CEO Survey, prepared by PwC in terms of talent, 57% of Mexican managers trusted that their workforce will grow moderately in the next 12 months.

“However, they were concerned about the lack of talent: 67% say that it is now more difficult to hire staff in their industry,” says the survey.

For Hurtado de Mendoza new technologies such as blockchain or data analysis, require staff with new skills, but it is also important that they must create teams that have a mix of different profiles and balance new talent with different skills with experience. that the veterans bring.

In the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), 86% of the country’s CEOs considered that it will significantly change the world of business, although only 19% said they had already introduced the AI ​​in their business.

“40% do not have any program or solution of this type. Among those who do not have this kind of technology, only 38% would be willing to implement an initiative of this type in the next three years, “says PwC.

The main reasons for not adopting it, highlight the need for a better understanding of it and its effects for your business or the uncertainty about the impact on ROI.

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