Without having a job offer, Mexicans can obtain permanent residence in Canada


There is a modality that allows foreign professionals to obtain permanent residence based on a scoring system.

If you are looking to live abroad, but it seems like a very complicated process, it may be that Canada is the most viable option for you, because although it is not that simple, there are some programs that make it easier to obtain permanent residence in that country without necessarily living there or have a job offer. 

This is the case of the Express Entry program, a system that works through scores that the applicant acquires according to a series of suitable characteristics that must be met in order to acquire residency.

The requirements are 

Have a master’s or doctorate 

Have a minimum of one year of experience in a job, in Mexico or abroad, preferably in a managerial position or where university studies are required to perform it.

Have a good command of the English or French language.

Each characteristic fulfilled will generate a score, the higher it is, the greater your chances of acquiring residency. However, although this sounds very simple, there is another feature that adds advantage over other people: the score is higher if you are between 20 and 33 years old.

This, as Canada seeks to overcome challenges of population aging and low fertility rates in Canada. So, if you are in that age range, you are likely to be a good candidate for this method. 

“The key to everything is that the applicant must have a master’s or doctorate degree, accumulate three years of work experience in Mexico or another country, master English or French and be under 34 years old. It should be noted that the younger the candidate, the higher the score, “Rita Benkhalti, CEO of North Horizon Immigration, a consultancy that provides personalized immigration support to people who wish to reside in Canada.

The benefit also extends to the applicant’s wife and children, the consultancy also detailed, and in some cases, Mexicans have obtained residency in less than a year.

In 2017, Canada admitted 65,417 new permanent residents in the Economic Class through the Express Entry application management system and international migration accounted for 80% of population growth in Canada.

Between 2019 and 2021, the Canadian government plans to admit up to 360 thousand immigrants to your country, if you want to know in depth the requirements and characteristics of this modality, we advise you to visit the official site of the government of Canada. 

Source: milenio

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