Sinaloa use of the tourism promotion fund is still not public knowledge


Canaco Servytur and Mazatlan City Council, have indicated that they are unaware of what is being spent for what they ask the State Government, clear accounts of its use and more when the port contributes 80 percent of the total

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The city hall of Mazatlan is not the only one who does not know what is being done with the 03 percent tax that tourists leave at the hotels in the port, since Canaco Servytur does not know what that resource is being used for, revealed Guillermo Romero Rodríguez, president of the Hotels and Motels Commission of Concanaco.

As requested by the Ministry of Tourism and the Government of the State, be more transparent in the use of that money, since there are no meetings or invitations of Mazatlan citizens when this destination contributes 80 percent of the 100 received by the state.

“As general secretary of the chamber of commerce, I took a protest and I have never been to a meeting, I don’t know what the money is being spent on and I think it should change the format, it should be open, you have to be invited to see what it does with that resource, because it is a tax, not a money of the companies, it is a tax that the tourist pays, that is to say the 16 of VAT plus the 3, we charge him 19 percent ”.

He clarified that he is not indicating that he is being misused, since he is aware that the fund of last year was used for the organization of the Tourist Tianguis that had excellent results, however, this year there have been no clear accounts to see if the use of the new resource is used in tourism promotion, which is why this tax was created.

Source: linea directa

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