Sinaloa deputies discuss law against hybrid corn


They intend that they now only produce native or native maize and stop planting hybrids, by-passing a new law that was not agreed with the farmers, Caades president Gustavo Rojo warned

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- As they did with the Federal Water Rights Law, in the Congress of the Union they prepared another onslaught against farmers by passing a Federal law for the Promotion of Native Corn, which delays 70 or 80 years the activity, warned the president of Caades, Gustavo Rojo Plascencia.

He said that the initiative presented by the deputy Jesusa Rodriguez, has already been approved in the House of Senators and will pass again to the Chamber of Deputies, intends that only Creole corn be planted in the country, and stop planting hybrids, which is what has been done in research to provide food sufficiency to the country.

“When we have a product that yields … you occupy more than 10 tons to be able to pay for the activity, and reducing this would be a setback of around 70, 880 years on the issue of agriculture,” he said.

He noted that they are in the search for this law to be reversed because this law is more harmful because it would end the production of the states that live from this activity since although it is not against conserving these corn, there is already a germoplasm Bank.

The president of Caades warned that this proposal is unfeasible because having no production would have to import much more than the millions of tons of corn since it is estimated that there is a missing of up to 70 percent of corn

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