3 cruise ships with more than 11 thousand people on board doc in Mazatlan.


With the arrival of Eurodam, the Royal Princess and the Carnival Miracle, which together transferred 11,114 visitors, reached 100 the number of tourist cruises that have arrived in Mazatlan so far this year, the Sinaloa Tourism Secretariat reported.

The Undersecretary of Promotion, Sylvia Ruiz Coppel, on behalf of the Secretary of Tourism Óscar Pérez Barros, welcomed the cruise passengers, highlighting the importance of the arrival of the three large vessels, due to the economic spill they generate in the tourism sector of the city, as well as places that are frequented, such as La Noria, El Quelite, Copala, and Concordia, among others.

On this issue, the Secretary of Tourism Óscar Pérez Barros, announced that it shows the confidence that shipping lines have in the destination, where they are well served and treated, adding that there will be 136 tourist cruises that they will arrive this year; It is the third time so far this year that three such ships arrive on the same day, which happened in the months of March and April, he added.

He also said that at the XXVI Annual Conference of the Cruise and Caribbean Association (FCCA), held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the last week of October, it was announced that the Platinum Convention will be held in Mazatlan Associate Membership Advisory Council in June 2021, which will be attended by more than 400 Platinum FCCA members and executives of the most important shipping companies in the world, who can see first hand the port of Mazatlan.

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This is one of the great results thanks to the efforts of the Governor of the State Quirino Ordaz Coppel, who was the one who requested Michelle Paige, President of the FCCA, the great event for Sinaloa.

As for the arrival of today’s cruises, the first to do so was the Eurodam, which entered the dock of the Integral Port Administration (API), at approximately 05:45 hours, with 1,948 passengers and 850 crew, coming from Puerto Vallarta and will depart at 5:00 pm for Cabo San Lucas.

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An hour later the Royal Princess arrived, with 3,707 passengers and 1,352 crew, from Cabo San Lucas and will continue its journey at 6:00 pm to Puerto Vallarta.

Finally, the third was the Carnival Miracle that arrived at 07:30 hours from Cabo San Lucas, with 2,348 passengers and 909 crew members, to continue at 17:00 hours to Puerto Vallarta.

Source: sel, linea directa, radio formula

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