Mazatlan begins removing dry-dead palms from the Malecon replacing with coconut palm trees


All the plants in poor condition will be removed, the land will be sanitized and new ones will be placed, said Luis Antonio González Olague, director of Public Services in the Municipality

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Public Services, with the support of the company that was responsible for installing at the time the palm trees of the Malecon, began with the removal of each of the dry plants to replace them, said Luis Antonio González Olague.

The municipal official stressed that the extraction of palm trees will not generate any cost to the Municipality, but they will invest in changing the land and cleaning up each of the spaces to prevent them from “dying again”.

“He (contractor) committed himself at no cost to support us to withdraw, and right now what we are doing since the extraction is over we are going to change the land and we are going to put in new land, and we need him to comply with us regarding the request we made him put certified palm trees and healthy palm trees first, ”he said.

The Director of Public Services clarified that on the part of the Commune a preliminary diagnosis of the situation was made and now they will work on these aspects to prevent the new palm trees from drying out again.

“I’m going to see everything possible both to renovate the land, to treat the land and for this pathologist to suggest what we should add more to the land so that there is a high percentage of the palm surviving,” he said.  

González Olague explained that the rehabilitation process will be done in stages; first, the dried palm trees will be removed; from there, sanitize the earth and finally, install the new ones.

The mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, questioned again the works that the state government did in the Historic Center such as the change of floor for porfida stone and the works of the Malecon, for “badly done”. On the other hand, the director of Ecology, Lourdes Sanjuan, said that dried palm trees will be replaced by coconut trees, “Nayarit palm” and “real.

Thus, in an agreement with the Secretary of Public Works of the state some streets are rehabilitated and as for the dried palm trees that are being removed, other plants will have to be placed. He added that the City Council brings a program to beautify the Malecon without knocking anything down; We will inaugurate this project on December 1, said the munícipe.

In the interview with Lourdes Sanjuan, director of Ecology of the municipality, confirmed that it will be regional palm trees (coconut trees) and other plants that are placed back on the Malecon in substitution of the palm trees that are being removed.

The official said they will be another type of regional palm in a young, certified and healthy state. He indicated that there are works with Public Works to recommend that new palm trees or plants on the Malecon be buried at least one and a half meters from the surface; change the earth and put some earthworm smoke and some sand.

The official said that the new palm trees can be coconut trees or the “palm of Nayarit”, also the “real” one, but not date ones. He indicated that the ideal for new plants that are sown will be drip irrigation, but it is a bit complicated because there should be a source of water

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