Pomuch, Campeche where people dig up their loved ones to say Hi!


The inhabitants of Pomuch, in the southeastern state of Campeche, have one of the most unique Day of the Dead rituals in all of Mexico.

In the first days of November, they clean and prepare the bones of their dead family members while they pray, sing or simply talk to them.

Although the ritual may seem extremely personal, hundreds of visitors make their way to the cemetery in Pomuch each year to observe the cleaning of the bones.

Pomuch is really just a Maya town about 65 km (43 miles), away from the city of Campeche, right on the Campeche – Mérida highway. Upon arrival visitors will find humble little houses and friendly people dressed in white that keep a particular solemnity during these dates.

The Pomuch Cemetery, with an arch at the entrance that says “Silence and respect”, is the place where this pre-Hispanic tradition takes place every year on November 1st and 2nd. This ritual has been around for centuries and it is part of a social conscience.

It is a religious event and a custom full of devotion and respect for those who have departed from this world, leaving their wisdom on this plane of existence.

As one witnesses this ancestral tradition, the real communication that exists between the living and the dead can be felt, a link that has never been lost. The deceased are part of a social structure that keeps families together for generations. Their remains are well preserved and the bones are kept in perfect condition.

Source: The Baja Post

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