What is a Factura in Mexico; Why do they always ask if I want one?


Here is a short video explaining what a factura is and when you might need one.

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I’m Paul (hence the nickname Qroo Paul) and I write all of the posts on this site. Linda, my wonderful wife of over 18 years, does all of the editing. We debuted this blog in May of 2016.

A little background about us. Linda and I are from Florida where I worked as a deputy sheriff and she worked as a director for a children’s advocacy center handling child abuse cases. In August of 2015, I retired at the rank of lieutenant after 25 years of service. Linda wasn’t eligible for retirement, but we decided to move to the Riviera Maya in Mexico anyway.

Once we were in Mexico, we knew right away that we had made the right choice. Our enthusiasm for Mexico and the lifestyle here was evident in our frequent Facebook posts. We shared our adventures as well as countless pictures of beautiful beaches and awesome beach bars.

Some of our friends jokingly threatened to unfriend us, while others started asking serious questions about living here. I found myself answering dozens of private messages about the cost of living here, healthcare, banking, immigration etc. I decided it would be easier to create a site where I could post all of the information in one place, and the blog was born.

Even though the blog was only intended to be read by friends and family members, other people have managed to find it. To date, our articles have been viewed over three million times and many of them have appeared in various newspapers across Mexico.

We’re not really sure why our little hobby blog has gotten so much attention. It certainly isn’t for my writing ability. Perhaps people just enjoy looking at our photos.

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