All street lights in Mazatlan will be changed to Led Lights


The Director of Municipal Public Services, Luis Antonio González Olague, recognizes that in several parts of the city there are problems with the electrical wiring that illuminate parts of avenues, such as the Malecon. He also says that in the future this City Council plans to change all the luminaries of the city by LED light.

He also admits that there are minor problems with the garbage collection service on some of the 120 routes in the city. He estimates that this year there will be six new trucks to reinforce daily work.

Interviewed in his austere offices, where a “López Obrador” doll with a crossed band stands out, the official says that in the lack of electrical power there are short in the wiring that is replaced, to old and outdated materials, in other cases the rains they have affected and in the case of the avenue Bahia, there are people who “ have lowered the interrupter s because there is no insurance and we ask CAPTA (tourist police) to help us ”. These are issues that are addressed, he said.

The official recalled that within the Municipal Development Plan is to completely change the luminaries of all Mazatlan for lamps and led light and improve lighting; “Make Mazatlan a white city, because the current luminaries are yellow.”

González Olague commented that the changes to led light will be with the same savings of replacing the old sodium luminaires. He said that six million pesos are paid monthly to the CFE and that if they change the 150-watt lamps for the 60-watt LED lamps and with better brightness, savings will be made.

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The Mazatlan Post