Drainage project announced for the rural area of ​​southern Mazatlan


The work will be done from the corridor that goes from El Vainillo to El Recodo

Mazatlan, Sinaloa (Informational Reaction) .- The Municipal Board of Drinking Water and Sewer of Mazatlan already prepares the studies for a project that will consist of rehabilitating the drainage pipes in the rural area of ​​Mazatlan.

The mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, said that it is the rehabilitation of drainage of the corridor that goes from El Vainillo to El Recodo.

“I made several commitments, one of them is drainage; we bring a project for the town of San Francisquito, La Tuna, and two or three other communities, it would be with our own resources, Jumapam is the one who brings the study but we will fulfill it”, assured

The first mayor estimated that next year is when the project will be completed, indicating that it is not an easy investment to execute.

“They have never had drainage and we are going to do it, just that it is a large work and it has a considerable cost and I hope to fulfill that next year; we will enter it, and if on the way they give us federal or state support, then better, at we can do more better, “he said.

Some of the communities that are on the southern corridor are El Vainillo, La Tuna, San Francisquito, Escamillas, Lomas de Monterre, Cofradía, and El Tecomate, most of them only have septic tanks.

Source: reaccion informativa

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