Mexicans INVENTED nopal-based skin


Two young Mexicans created the first organic skin made of cactus. They will present it internationally in an exhibition at Milan. 

Resultado de imagen para Adrián López y Marte Cázarez son

Adrián López and Marte Cázarez are the innovative Mexicans of Guadalajara who invented a skin made of cactus, with the aim of creating a garment that was environmentally friendly, breathable, durable and, above all, that was not extracted from animals. 

“If there are many nopal-based skin products, why not create skin?”, Explained Cázarez that from this questioning that both were made, it was how the idea was born. 

Even when the young people received comments that they were crazy or that it was an impossible idea, they did not stop until they got it. 

“A lot of people told us we were crazy! and we said: ‘How not? We are in Mexico, we are Mexican, what raw material is there to throw pa’arriba, then nopal; It grows by itself, it doesn’t need much watering, it doesn’t waste much water, ”added Adrián López.

From Mexico to Italy

With only 27 years of age, these young people are considered as pioneers in the skin organized breathable.

His remarkable work has crossed borders, so both Mexicans will present this line of skins on October 2 during the international Lineapelle exhibition, the most important dedicated to skin and accessories, in Milan, Italy.

Source: mexicoprimeronoticias, reportemendigo

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