Chinese companies have an interest to participate in Mayan Train


The Chinese ambassador to Mexico acknowledged that there is interest on the part of Chinese companies to participate in works such as the Mayan Train

The Ambassador of China in MexicoZhu Qingqiao, acknowledged that there is interest from Chinese companies to participate in projects such as the Mayan Train and other infrastructure projects in Mexico.

Chinese companies are very interested in these projects. China is willing to intensify its cooperation with Mexico in the infrastructure sector, ”said Zhu Qingqiao, China’s ambassador to Mexico.

At the head of the 70-year commemoration ceremony of the Foundation of the Republic of China, he highlighted the good relationship between China and Mexico despite the geographical distance that separates them

China and Mexico are large developing countries, with similar historical experiences and the same demands for development, at the moment, both are in a crucial stage of reform and development, working to make their people feel more benefited, happy and safe ” said Zhu Qingqiao, China’s ambassador to Mexico.

He noted that China will work with Mexico to foster exchange and dialogue at all levels.

Change coordinator to pressure ejidatarios

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The coordinator of the Mayan Train in the Chetumal-Tulum section, Pablo Careaga Córdova, pressured the ejidatarios of Bacalar, Quintana Roo, to hand over their land without receiving financial compensation, denounced the president of the ejido commissioner, Luis Chimal.

He explained that his land is where one of the stations is planned to be built and that there were two meetings with the Fonatur official.

Yes, he was putting pressure on us, but we have nothing to do with him at all, nothing. Unfortunately, it was a bit arrogant with us. He said that he was going to mark his territory and that he was going to send, we didn’t have to say anything, ”said Luis Chimal, president of the ejido commission of Bacalar, Quintana Roo.

He said that from Tuesday they will meet with a new official who will be sent by the federal government due to the way they were treated by the coordinator of the Mayan Train.

They talked to me yesterday. I no longer have anything to do with Pablo Careaga, ”added Luis Chimal, president of the ejido commissariat of Bacalar, Quintana Roo.

Juan Manuel Herrera, the commissioner of the Aarón Merino ejido, adjacent to the Bacalar ejido, explained that Pablo Careaga told them that they will not receive money for their lands because they will see the benefit differently.

He told us that if we are interested in where the Mayan Train passes there was an option to enter a kind of stock exchange, only that they will not pay us right now in cash; After two years when the train is about to finish or ending then one can start to have the stock market we will have shares, one can sell those shares, ”said Juan Manuel Herrera, ejido commissioner of Aaron Merino, in Quintana Roo .

The ejidatarios say they are analyzing the situation to decide.


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