Baseball and Soccer Stadiums in Mazatlan without municipal permits


The Municipal Planning Department revealed that they do not have a permit given by the past administration

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. The Director of Sustainable Urban Planning and Development, Jorge Estavillo Kelly, revealed that the existing baseball stadium, the Teodoro Mariscal, and the next to conclude that it is the football stadium, do not have a permit of work or remodeling so that the State Government did not make its corresponding procedures.

“If the State Government is going to do work, for example, now that the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium has been remodeled, a license should have been requested here from the management, and it was not done before it was done with a simple work certificate; we don’t have a football certificate. here knowledge, and now we want to demand that they comply with the regulations with a director responsible for the work, “he said.

Despite the progress that these works have, Estavillo Kelly said that from now on, whoever performs a work in the port, must have a permit endorsed by Municipal Planning, expressing that this has been one of the causes for which have not been repaired works in poor condition such as the streets of the Historic Center and failures in the delivery delivery.


At the time, the Director of Municipal Public Works, Juan de Dios Garay Velázquez, added that in addition to having a work permit, at the time the Municipality receives any structure, it must include plans and the project for review.

remodeling theodore marshal

“I am asking the Government of the State that when I am requested to receive a work, the project that was had to be executed is incorporated; We are not able to sign receipt delivery letters with previous dates, they would have to update those dates but for their record, they are not of proper purpose, he said.

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