We will continue working for sustainable development in Mazatlan says Gandarilla


* Work is done at the Urías treatment plant
* 2 certified beaches

As part of the celebration of the International Day of beach cleaning, Carlos Gandarilla García, Secretary of Sustainable Development said that Mazatlan is still working.

“Mazatlan is a tourist destination that requires an update in the infrastructure and all the sanitary part that lives here, we are working on behalf of the state government with the sanitation of the sewage,” he said.

Gandarilla García informed that the port has improved in terms of sustainability with the Colonia Urías treatment plant project, which will benefit the community.

“We have advanced a lot in health, the investment that is making in Urias with the treatment plant that will strengthen the infrastructure of waste”


On the other hand, Rogelio Olivas Osuna, director of the Operator and Administrator of Beaches of Mazatlan, commented that they are expected to certify two more beaches.
“We started with the certification program, one of them is Luna Bonita, which is located on the edge of the old Faro hotel until the access to Luna Palace and the other is Estrella del Mar with 2 kilometers of certified beach.”

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