In a press conference, President López Obrador reiterated that the Santa Lucia airport will be built with the public budget, not with foreign investment

After qualifying uncertain the approach that the Prime Minister of Singapore along with some Mexican businessmen would like to revive the Texcoco airport project and assume the expenses, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ( AMLO ) reported that soon there will be no obstacle for it Start construction of the Santa Lucia airport.

The aforementioned after a reporter will question about, that in an advance of information, it was announced that during the visit of the Prime Minister of Singapore it would be considered to resume the airport project in Texcoco, along with other businessmen.

“I do not think this approach is true, I think it is an opinion, as there are many and must be respected, but I do not see it as a serious approach,” said AMLO.

Regarding Saint Lucia, the Mexican president informed that the judiciary is rejecting the Amparos and since there is no reason, there will be no legal obstacle for the construction of the Felipe Ángeles airport.

“We are doing well, it is an investment of 150 billion pesos that will generate many jobs,” AMLO responded to the question about whether Amparos would hinder construction in St. Lucia.

Previously, the president had said that the Amparos filed against the works of the new airport of Santa Lucia, will face them without losing his head and even in a good mood.

In addition, President López Obrador reiterated that the new airport will be built with a public budget, “with the money of all Mexicans and not with foreign investment.”

Until August 22, the Mexican president reported that about 80 Amparos had been filed.