The Creston sewage treatment plant in Mazatlan about to collapse


Wastewater treatment is inefficient because companies, restaurants, markets, buildings, and citizens saturate the drainage with grease, sludge, stone, lime, sand, and garbage, warns Ecology

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The pumps of theCrestón sewage treatment plant are about to collapse due to the wastewater discharges that companies, restaurants, markets, buildings, and towers do directly, which is causing inefficient treatment of the drainage that is poured into the sea, recognized the director of municipal Ecology , 

María Lourdes San Juan .

The municipal official said that the increase in algae on the coast of Mazatlan is an indicator that more wastewater is poured into the sea with many nutrients, and whose phenomenon represents a warning from nature.

What we would have to do here is to avoid this proliferation of raw sewage, we would have to force companies, industry, towers and all that population conglomerate to have its pretreatment plant to avoid these results 

María Lourdes San Juan

For this, it is necessary to update the Planning, Construction regulations and to involve Jumapam more in the requirement for the downloads to comply with the regulations, he added.

He informed that today they will hold a meeting with members of Canirac to discuss the issue of fats in the discharges that are made to the drainage and that they are seriously damaging the pumps of the Crestón plant.

“We have a meeting with Canirac and Jumapam staff to prevent the fats from reaching the drainage because that is what the Crestón bombs are collapsing, all that becomes a bait ball with stone, lime, sand, garbage, of all, the drainage the only thing that it should receive is wastewater “

All this is causing the drainage treatment to be inefficient, he said.

“The Crestón plant is the one that worries us the most because it is damaged because if it is damaged we are at the mercy of sewage directly to the sea.”


Lourdes San Juan said that the proliferation of algae is an indicator that there is more organic matter in the sea that has to decrease.

He agreed with Dr. Julia Ochoa Izaguirre that the growth of biomass could jeopardize the marine ecosystem in its natural balance and displace other algae, even migrate some species such as crustaceans, molluscs, and lobsters, if a more efficient treatment is not given of sewage

He commented that there is an agreement with the people of the beach area to remove the brown seaweed from the sand and put it to dry, then place it in bags to take it to Urban Toilet.

He noted that although this brown seaweed has a high productive potential as fertilizer, poultry feed or compost, so far it is not used.


The director of Ecology said that it is analyzed with architects’ associations to update the Planning and Construction regulations so that new sewage pretreatment service is required to new constructions and buildings.

On the other hand, he added, construction companies could be obliged to request the feasibility of Jumapam, conditioning this service.

In the case of restaurants, businesses, and markets, he said, they will be required to comply with the regulations and, like the industries, give them pretreatment to their wastewater before discharging them to the drainage.

That people understand what the function of drainage is, people transgress regulations, do things that are not allowed, know that no, however, it is done because there has been no consequence in this type of environmental crime 

María Lourdes San Juan

source: el sol de mazatlan

The Mazatlan Post