After US threat to ban Michoacan avocados Mexico forgets the US, 56 thousand tons of avocado will be sent to Japan


Mexico forgets, Michoacán managed to export 56 thousand tons of avocado to the most demanding country in the world; which is Japan; the safety and health of fruits that are sent abroad, is an increasingly large and unavoidable requirement and to which more and more attention is paid; Therefore, it is urgent that in the state we get to work hard on these concepts.

The above was exterminated by Antonio Guzmán Castañeda, delegate of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA) in Michoacán; who announced that thanks to investments in health and safety and the constant work of avocado growers and packers in Michoacán, they have successfully ventured into Japan

For their part, avocados from the state indicated that these exports to Japan have been achieved with great effort, and that they expect that in the next three years, 100 thousand tons of the fruit can be exported to Japan; They also announced to Antonio Guzmán Castañeda, delegate of SAGARPA and to Ramón Cano Vega, head of the Ministry of Rural Development of the Government of the State, that the avocado export of the current season would be closing at 800 thousand tons, leaving an approximate benefit of 1,400 million dollars.

However, they recognized that there is much work to be done, since it is required to certify around 53 thousand hectares; since there are only 24 thousand hectares qualified for export; If we do not take care of health and safety, they said, our exports could be at risk

They stressed that in Michoacán care has been taken and a lot of money has been invested in health and safety; Therefore, they asked SEDRU and SAGARPA to find the necessary mechanisms to carry out a meeting with the producers, packers and authorities of the states where the avocado is grown, in order to establish an official Mexican standard, where the specifications to export; since if shipments with pesticide residues are detected, exports could be affected and even canceled; and it would no longer be said is avocado from Puebla or from Jalisco or from Michoacán; but they would say abroad it is Mexican avocado and therefore, the market would be closed for all producers; hence the concern of taking care of all the work that has been done in the last 40 years, they said.

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