Disarrayed urban growth continues: They tear down hills and fill low parts to the north of Mazatlan


Construction companies are betting on expansion, rather than building vertically and towards the center

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – Although the new public policies of urban planning are to build vertically and towards the center, in Mazatlan, construction companies work in the future outside the polygon of the city, breaking down hills, filling low parts and giving level to large areas of land on the banks of the accesses to the north of the city and the Mazatlan-Villa Unión highway.

However, the Planning Director, Jorge Estavillo Kelly, argues that the municipal government, in turn, will seek to avoid expansion, and for no reason will give permits to build outside the city estate, since that would make the water and sewerage service more expensive.

He said that subdivisions such as Monte Verde, Puertas de Mazatlán and Veredas del Mar, formerly San Antonio Hill, have problems to spread and grow because they were authorized by other administrations outside the urban spot.

A lot of movement is observed outside the polygon of the city, in the north zone.

In this administration, he assured that only seven applications are being processed for new subdivisions, but within the urban stain, and that they are approved for subdivisions, most of them are condominium regime and do not represent extra investments for the City Council.

“Precisely this type of thing (the expansion) is what we want to avoid, so right now the issue is the concentration of the population, that vertical construction is allowed as much as possible, the people who put there do not understand that extending implies more pollution, ”he said.

He pointed out that there is an Urban Development Master Plan that marks the polygon of the city and the urbanization layout, and is the one that must be respected.

Regarding what will happen with all these lands that are being cleaned and leveled in the northern part of the city, he said that these works are in the future until the urban stain is completely covered.

Large extensions are filled with rubble and land outside the city

If it is outside the polygon of growth, it will be difficult for us to give approval, for example, in the case of Veredas del Mar, which has taken many years for the same thing, which was poorly approved, in the same way is Las Puertas de Mazatlan, Monte Verde, just like San Antonio Hill.

Kelly Stable

On the other hand, he said, requests to build need their feasibility study approved by Jumapam, for the water and sewer service, as well as the CFE, in terms of electricity.

Estavillo Kelly reported that so far no construction company has approached the City Council to process permits outside the city estate.

“If they reach me it will be very difficult for us to give them permission,” he said.

He said that the administration, in turn, has not granted any permission to build, either inside or outside the urban estate.

The city grows to the north, where land is fenced and leveled.


On a tour of El Sol de Mazatlan from Óscar Pérez Escobosa Avenue, along Paseo del Pacífico, to the Mazatlán-Villa Unión highway and access by Juan Pablo II Avenue, in the northern part of the city, land was observed in sale, leveling, filling and clearing of hills, with a lot of movement of dump trucks and backhoes.

These works are carried out 3 to 10 kilometers from the urban area, beyond the new subdivisions of Pradera Dorada, Monte Verde, and Veredas del Mar.

From Paseo del Pacífico, the first thing that is seen are workers who disassemble fenced land with sale signs, as well as some subdivisions that are in their first stage of construction, which announce the sale of houses with large green areas and pool.

When connecting with the Mazatlan-Villa Unión highway, both on one side and the other of the road, work is done on landfill and scraping of hills, with backhoes and dump trucks.

At the foot of two hills, a wide area of ​​land is filled with rubble and sand, from there you can see the urban spot of Mazatlan in the distance; some of the areas have signposts for entering and exiting heavy trucks.

The urban stain has grown a lot towards the north of the city in recent years, with subdivisions of social interest.


The coordinator of the Town Planning Commission, councilor Adalberto Valle Pérez, points out that the obligation and responsibility of the municipal, state and federal authorities is to create the conditions for good development for the population.

“The best thing would be for the development to be in what is already urbanized because it costs the municipality a very considerable amount to take the services to the banks of the city, where Mazatlan is growing,” he said.

Resultado de imagen para construcciones en marina mazatlan

However, he added that the municipal authority has to create the conditions for urban development, since there is a great need for housing in the municipality, and if they do not have it, people will look for where to live.

If there is no other option, the development will have to be done where necessary, but we have to live up to the needs, right now the trend is vertical construction, no longer extending horizontally, but the population is sometimes resistant to the vertical buildings.

Pérez Valley

At the foot of the hills, the houses arrive northeast of Mazatlan.


Valle Pérez commented that, although the administration in turn has not given new permits for construction, at the beginning of the government, Planning made “voluntary or involuntary errors” to grant folios before reviewing the documentation, to build real estate towers, and this created rights to the applicant.

“Since a folio is generated and they tell you about an amount to be paid, for people interested in obtaining that license or that construction permit, when they go to the cashier they make them create rights, but without exempting them from complying with the totality of the requirements, ”he said.

Another of the ‘mistakes’ was that the Potable Water Board granted proof of feasibility for these constructions.

“The call that was made to Jumapam was to make a study very aware of when and when it can deliver the feasibility studies, which is one of the main requirements requested by the Planning Directorate; if the developer goes to Jumapam and gives him the feasibility study, it’s like telling Planning, yes you can. ”

Resultado de imagen para construcciones en marina mazatlan

Hence the “boom” of real estate towers in Olas Altas, Claussen promenade, Del Mar Avenue, and Zona Dorada, of which 60 are suspended and awaiting authorization, in beach areas such as Palos Prietos, Lomas de Mazatlán, Lomas del Mar, Sábalo Country, and El Dorado.

Construction companies already offer houses with large green areas and swimming pools, before building.

He said that, although these constructions have a tourist focus, with the construction companies that plan to extend to the north of the city, they must also conform to the Master Development Plan, taking care of public policies, whose tendency is towards the vertical and towards the center from the city.

Resultado de imagen para seaside resort


Jorge Estavillo says that there are few construction requests that the City Council has received, some of them, he added, are being reviewed by Semarnat to give them authorization, because in the northern part of the city there are ecological preservation areas.

“Whoever wants to make a development in that part of the city will have to meet the requirements; That is the future, that is the idea, to concentrate the population on what already exists to avoid expansion, which is not just an issue here in Mazatlan, but global, as long as the owners who have land and are still in the possibility of doing them on the banks, they will have to comply with everything, ”he said.

However, he warned that, in order to be able to carry the drinking water and drainage service, construction companies must bring a feasibility study approved by Jumapam and another from the Federal Electricity Commission.

He acknowledged that the growth of the city is planned to the north, hence the Municipal Planning Institute (Implan) is already preparing the Partial Plan of the North of the City.


7 applications for new subdivisions within the polygon of the city, are being processed.

5,000 homes are the annual demand for Mazatlan according to population growth.

3.56 inhabitants are the general average occupant per dwelling in Mazatlan.

7.85% is the average annual growth rate.

Jorge Estavillo Kelly, Planning Director

“That is the future, that is the idea: to concentrate the population on what already exists to avoid expansion.”

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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