In November Mazatlan Offers Gastronomy Show in Mexico City


* Market of 20 million people

The mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, announced this morning that on November 23 and 24 his government, with the support of about 25 open-air restaurants, will offer a “Gastronomic Show” in Mexico City that has around 20 million of inhabitants, including the area curbed with the state of Mexico.

The munícipe, accompanied by David González Torrentera, director of Economic Development and Tourism of Mazatlan, led a press conference where the “Mazatleca Emprende” Expo was also announced, which will take place on September 20 and 21 with the participation of some 120 exhibitors. González Torrentera announced the agenda of this event that will feature clothing, health stands, and many accessories.

In the Gastronomic Exhibition of Mexico City, Mayor Benítez Torres said that in addition to showing the best of Sinaloa and Mazatlan food, mainly fish and seafood, there will be some of the best band groups commanded by EL Recodo, who will play in a free concert in CDMX.

The municipal president explained that this exhibition is part of a tourism collaboration agreement with the Mexican city government of Claudia Sheinbaum, in order to bring tourism to Mazatlan from the center of the country.

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