Mexicans prefer to travel to … national destinations


A survey conducted by the Kayak online platform also showed that 88 percent of these tourists stay in hotels.

65 percent of Mexicans who traveled in the last year chose one of the national destinations, a study conducted by the Kayak online travel platform revealed.

“This figure is important because it shows the strength of the domestic market in Mexico,” said Fabio Brunelli, regional director of the travel search platform.

In that sense, the director said that Mexico is part of the expansion that the firm seeks to have in Latin America and, although they do not yet have an office in the country, they seek to consolidate the use of the search engine in ‘Aztec land’ .

On the other hand, Kayak revealed the study of the habits of national travelers that 88 percent of them stay in hotels, while 6 out of 10 of those looking for their vacations on the platform prefer accommodation options that include breakfast.

Nationally, destinations such as La Paz, San José del Cabo, Mazatlan, and Ixtapa are the most sought after for vacationing in summer, while internationally, Cancun is the tourist pole preferred by the platform users.

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The platform added that for these summer vacations, the cheapest destinations to visit in the interior of the country, when considering the cost of lodging and flight, are Puerto Escondido, Huatulco, Culiacán, in addition to Veracruz.

Kayak launched a microsite for travelers to plan their vacations self-taught, as they only enter the starting point for the platform to provide different destinations, in addition to the average prices.

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