DHL Mexico will distribute packages in electric cars


The goal is that in 2022, 100% of your shipments are made with these units, which reduce the emission of pollutant gases into the atmosphere by 80% 

DHL talks with shipowners in Mexico in order to achieve an alliance to provide electric vehicles, so that before 2022 they can distribute packages throughout the Mexican Republic only through these types of units. 

“We are in talks with big shipowners and they expect that by 2021-2022 they will start delivering electric vehicles, but there must be a job with the government to have a network of electric charging stations available in cities and roads, and we already talk to the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (on that subject), ”Antonio Arranz, CEO of DHL Express Mexico, told El Financiero, as part of the inauguration of the Innovation Center for the Americas located in Chicago, United States. 

According to the firm, the use of these electric vehicles for last-mile package delivery operations represents an 80 percent reduction in CO2 emissions compared to the use of cars that require other more polluting fuels. 

The German-born firm has one of the main challenges for the Go Green program in the last mile, which means that by 2050 its carbon emissions will be zero for its operations.

The road for the company globally on this issue began in 2017, with the first version of Street Scooter WORK XL, as they named their electric van that is based on a Ford chassis with a battery-powered electrical transmission system and a body designed and built in accordance with the specifications provided by Deutsche Post DHL. 

These electrical units are manufactured at the plant located in the German city Aachen, whose capacity is focused on meeting the demand of the German country. 

The company expanded its operations with the use of these electric cars since in addition to Germany they also ship products in locations in Belgium, France, Brazil, New Zealand, China, among others. 

The only country where 100 percent of the operations are done with these vehicles in Barbados. 

In addition to Ford, DHL maintains alliances with Nissan and Renault for the construction of their electric cars. 

“That challenge if you can work more with this type of innovation with partners, can solve the problems, that requires joint investments,” said Ken Allen, board member of the Deutsche Post DHL Group and CEO of the division. of solutions for e-commerce. 

DHL Mexico recently announced an investment of 300 million dollars for the next five years, 2019-2024, focused on expanding fleet coverage and renewal, mainly. 

The firm intends to open 50 new contact points per year and will close 2019 with 273 of these. 

“We are growing a lot in the south of the country, reaching populations of 30 to 50 thousand inhabitants. When we had 250 stores that started the expansion we covered 100 towns, today we reach more than 320 towns, that tells you about the geographical expansion that is being taken by e-commerce, which has an annual growth of 30 percent, ”said Arranz. 

The Americas region had a growth in shipments of 8.4 percent in 2018 compared to the previous year, and for 2019 it is expected a rise between 6 and 7 percent, due to the complex relations between Mexico, the United States, and Canada. 

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