Tourism sector in Mazatlan receives continuing education


The Ministry of Tourism has taught 70 courses, mostly in rural communities with this vocation

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Ministry of Tourism of Sinaloa continues with the training of service providers in the tourism sector, to provide quality care to visitors who arrive throughout the entity

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The Director of Quality and Innovation, María Elena Arias Gámez, said that they add around 70 courses for hoteliers and restaurant owners, where around 2,400 people have been trained.

She explained that in these courses that are implemented throughout the tourist sector, they are supported in the realization of work, skills, abilities and that they give good customer service.

They are the ones who show their faces to the visitor, to the tourist, and they are responsible for them to be well attended, happy, that the satisfaction of the attention exceeds the expectations so that this generates a greater economic benefit

María Elena Arias Gámez

She said that this amount, around 40 courses, have been taught in the rural area, mainly in those who are awakening their tourist vocation and develop all the products they have but above all that they serve people well.

She explained that due to the wide range of the sector, the training is being implemented in stages, waiters, food and beverages, hygienic food handling, to make it more specialized.

Arias Gámez stressed that these training courses are owned by the Federal Tourism Secretariat for tourism culture, which is the first awareness course so that they understand that those who are in this filed have to be attentive to people.

She said that soon they will start another course for the transport sector, to avoid complaints of abuses in the rates by tourists, during the holiday seasons.

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This program will be carried out in stages, because the drivers are many, it depends on how we are establishing the agreements with the associations will be taught

 María Elena Arias Gámez


70 courses taught to hoteliers and restaurant owners.

2,400 people trained.

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